Microphysiological Systems for Dissection of Host - Microbiota Interaction, Disease Modelling and Drug Screening 

Lab Members


Alexander Mosig, PhD

Alexander is head of the research group and studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He holds a PhD in Cell Biology and has the venia legendi in Cell Biology and Biochemistry. 

Alexander's CV

​research interests:

host-microbiota interaction, disease modelling of chronic and acute inflammation, immune response to infection, stem cell biology, tissue engineering, microphysiological systems

Martin Raasch, MSc.

Martin is PostDoc and holds Diploma in Biochemistry. Since 2012 his research is focussed on endothelial cell biology and the interaction of nanoparticles with endothelial cells . He furthermore works on the development of liver and kidney models based on human induced pluripotent stem cells for personalised medicine. 

research interests:

endothelial biology in human organ-on-chip models, nanocarrier systems, Inflammation, iPSC

funded by BMBF

Michelle Maurer, MSc.

Michelle is PhD student and holds a B.Sc in Biology and a M.Sc in Molecular Anthropology.  Her research focuses on the development of gut-on-chip models, the integration of immune cells and the microbiota as well as the investigation of inflammatory processes in the gut.  

research interests:

Gut-on-Chip, Inflammation, Microbiome, Host-Commensal-Pathogen-Interaction

funded by BMBF, CSCC

Swen Carlstedt , MSc.

Swen PhD Student at CSCC. He is a trained Paramedic and holds a M.Sc. in Biochemistry and Molecular biology. His research topic focuses on the characterisation of acute and chronic inflammation in the liver with focus on macrophage physiology.

research interests:

Liver-on-Chip, NASH, NAFLD, Inflammation, cLSM, Live-Cell-Imaging

funded by German Research Foundation

Fatina Siwczak, MSc.

Fatina is PhD Student at CSCC. Her research focusses on the characterisation of pathomechanisms of S.aureus - infections in Liver-on-chip and Lung-on-chip models. 

research interests:

Infection, liver-on-chip, host-pathogen-interaction, macrophage biology

funded by BMBF, CSCC 


Mathilda Kaminska, MSc.

Mathilda is PhD student and holds BSc. in Biochemistry and MSc. in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience. She is Early Stage Researcher in the Innovative Training Network EUROoC and develops an hiPSC based gut-on-chip model. She is in particular interested in host-microbiota interaction and effect of the microbiome on neural activity within the gut and along the gut-brain-axis.

research interests:

hiPSC, neurology, microbiota-host interaction, IBD, gut-brain-axis

​funded by European Commission, EUROoC ITN

Aina Kehinde ("Kenny") Oluwasegun, MSc.

Kenny is PhD student and holds BSc. in Microbiology and MSc. in Medical Microbiology and Parasitology. He is Early Stage Researcher in the Innovative Training Network EUROoC and develops an hiPSC based liver-on-chip model. His works focuses on metabolic pattern of liver zonation and disease mechanisms of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. 

research interests:

hiPSC, hepatocyte biology, NASH

funded by European Commission, EUROoC ITN

Melanie Ulrich

Melanie is  medical technical laboratory assistant. She's responsible for primary cell isolation, handling of iPS cells, cell culture routine and lab organisation.


Nora Mosig

Nora is medical technical laboratory assistant with completed 1st state examination in human medicine. She's responsible for cultivation and characterisation of microorganisms, hiPSC and primary cells culture.

Tobias Vogt

Tobias is medical technical laboratory assistant. He is supporting the application of Organ-on-chip systems in the CSCC Core Unit Animal Labs and Replacement Methods.

Hristina Koceva

Hrsitina is master student of Molecular Medicine.

research interests:

hiPSC, gut, microbiota-host interaction, IBD, immune safety testing