Microphysiological Systems in Biomedical Research: Immunology, Human Stem Cells, Microbiota Host - Interaction, Disease Modeling and Drug Development 

Lung-on-chip Publications

Deinhardt-Emmer S, Böttcher S, Häring C, Giebeler L, Henke A, Zell R, HornungF, Brandt C, Marquet M, Mosig AS, Pletz MW, Schacke M, Roedel J, Heller R, Nietzsche S, Löffler B, Ehrhardt C; SARS-CoV-2 causes severe alveolar inflammation and barrier dysfunction. Journal of Virology, 2021, 26:JVI.00110-21.


Deinhardt-Emmer S, Rennert K, Schicke E, Cseresnyes Z, Windolph M, Nietzsche S, Heller R, Swiczak F,  Haupt KF, Carlstedt S, Schacke M, Figge MT, Ehrhardt C, Löffler B, Mosig AS; Co-infection with Staphylococcus aureus after primary influenza virus infection leads to damage of the endothelium in a human alveolus-on-a-chip model., Biofabrication, 2020, 12(2):025012. Published 2020 Feb 19

Schicke E, Cseresnyés Z, Rennert K, Vau V, Haupt KF, Hornung F, Nietzsche S, Swiczak F, Schmidtke M, Glück B, Koch M, Schacke M, Heller R, Mosig AS, Figge MT, Ehrhardt C, Löffler B, Deinhardt-Emmer S.; Staphylococcus aureus lung infection results in down-regulation of Surfactant Protein-A mainly caused by pro-inflammatory macrophages., Microorganisms, 2020, 8(4):577 

Hoang TNM, Cseresnyés Z, Hartung S, Blickensdorf M, Saffer C, Rennert K, Mosig AS, von Lilienfeld-Toal M, Figge MT; Invasive aspergillosis-on-chip: A quantitative treatment study of human Aspergillus fumigatus infection, Biomaterials, 2022, 283:121420