Microphysiological Systems for Dissection of Host - Microbiota Interaction, Disease Modelling and Drug Screening 

Gut-on-chip Publications

Maurer M., Gresnigt M.S., Last A., Wollny T., Berlinghof F., Pospich R., Cseresnyes Z., Medyukhina A., Graf K., Gröger M., Raasch M., Siwczak F., Nietzsche S., Jacobsen I.D., Figge M.T., Hube B., Huber O., Mosig A.S.; A three-dimensional immunocompetent intestine-on-chip model as in vitro platform for functional and microbial interaction studiesBiomaterials, 2019, 220, November 2019, 119396

Graf K, Last A, Gratz R, Allert S, Linde S, Westermann M, Gröger M, Mosig AS, Gresnigt MS, Hube B; Keeping Candida commensal - How lactobacilli antagonize pathogenicity of Candida albicans in an in vitro gut model. Disease Models & Mechanisms, 2019, 2(9):dmm039719. Published 2019 Sep 12.