Microphysiological Systems in Biomedical Research: Immunology, Human Stem Cells, Microbiota Host - Interaction, Disease Modeling and Drug Development 


Alexander's CV

Research interests
Monocyte / macrophage biology; Microbiome; Sepsis and microbial infection; Human organ-on-a-chip and microphysiological systems; human induced pluripotent stem cells; microfluidic biochip design

2017    Venia legendi (Priv. Doz.) in Biochemistry and Cell Biology
2017    Habilitation in Biochemistry and Cell Biology (Dr. med. habil.) Thesis “Microphysiological systems of Liver and Blood-Brain-Barrier”
2007    PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) Thesis „Investigation of Atherosclerotic Processes in Circulating Monocytes and T-Cells of Patients with Familial Hypercholesterolemia“
2002    Diploma in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Dipl. Biochem.)
Professional Appointments
Since 2018    Co-Founder Dynamic42 GmbH (Spin off from Jena University Hospital)
Since 2017    Co-Lead Animal Labs and Replacement Methods
Since 2015    Elected member of the Board of Directors of the CSCC
Since 2015    Head of Research Group INSPIRE – In Vitro Sepsis Research, Center for Sepsis Control and Care

European Society for Organ-on-chip; German Sepsis Society; Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research; Jena Center for Soft Matter; National Zoonosis Research Platform;

Research Award of the BMEL for Replacement of Animal Experimentation in Infection Research, 2017 
Innovation Award of the BioRegions, 2016
Animal welfare award of the State of Thuringia, 2014

Project management
BMBF (MicroProfiler, Co-PI); BMBF (Guliver, PI); BMBF (ImmunAVATAR, PI), BMWi (SmartBox, PI); European Commision - MARIE SKLODOWSKA-CURIE ACTIONS, Innovative Training Networks (ITN) for advancing Organ-on-a-chip technology in Europe (EUROoC, PI); European Commision - Immune Safety Avatar - non clinical mimicking of the immune system effects of immunonodulatory therapies (imSAVAR),Böhringer Ingelheim Pharma (PI), Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia / “la Caixa” Banking Foundation (TRANS-CPA, Co-PI); DFG (MARLIN, PI); German Institute of Risk Assessment (PolySepsis, PI); National Zoonosis Research Platform (INVENT, PI); DFG Excellence Cluster “Balance of the Microverse” (MicroGut, Co-PI); Leibniz Research Society: Quantitative monitoring of tailored therapy against bacterial super-infection in viral pneumonia by spatiotemporal microscopy in a lung-on-chip model (PNEUTHERA)